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Change Facebook Page Name After 200 Likes

Change Facebook Page Name After 200 Likes

Many people nowadays want to change their facebook page name nowadays but after the facebook update, it was not possible directly to change the page name , once it has accuried 200 likes.
Today I will show you , how to change the page name after 200 likes :)

So, Lets Start :)

Follow these steps carefully

1. Create another page, with the same name as your current page,

2. Now update the physical addresses and catogries of both pages like this

Category        ----> Local Business,
Sub Category ----> Bar/Club/Local business

3. Put a valid USA or UK address , with valid ZIP / POSTAL code (use FAKENAMEGENERATOR)

4. Hour Operation ----> Always open

5. Now download Tor Browser and after 3-5 days open your id with the NEW TOR BROWSER

6. Open the new page you created somedays ago and goto its SETTING

7. You may see a MERGE DUPLICATE option at the end

If there is the option goto the next step , other wise read the trouble shooting menu at the end of the post

8. Now change the name of this page to the name you want for your OLD PAGE,
    The change will appear immediatly , now you have 10 - 15 minutes,

9. The Merge option will still be there, so merge this page into your old page and BHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Trouble Shooting Guide:

1. If the option does not appear after 5 days of creating the page , wait 2 days
2. If after 7 days there is no option of MERGE DUPLICATE , then get some likes for this page but dont cross 200 likes.
3. Use USA i.p while this whole process.
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  1. lol !
    this trick has been closed frm over 4 months.! :p

  2. so not working?


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